about dance

Dance, while you eat and taste while you dance


There are many different ways of dancing.

They all go for movement and rhythm.


Movement is our first expression of life.

The human being discovers itself and the world trough movement.

Our world consists of movement and rhythm.

We express through it.

Little children start nodding when they listen to music.

They sing and babble and create their own rhythms.

They create their own world.


I love to move consciously.

It feels like a certain kind of holidays.

It teaches me presence and simpleness.


More than 30 years I am practicing and exploring dance and movement in different systems, relations and with different people.


Dance is my constant companion. Through dance I experience myself, my body, my feeling and acting consistently new.


First you only sense. Through that you get misled to exercise and look for it. One day you will know what is meant.


Dance is a really complex issue, which always happens at least on two levels: a perceptive and a performing one.


Depending on the grade of training those two levels are differently developed.


Then we will leave the field of easy said words.


To dance means to be in motion.

To be in motion means to change its own form.

Each change of form of one`s own includes a rearrangement of the space.

Continuous rearrangements manifest in rhythms.

Rhythms happen within a certain time.


To dance implies to get in touch.

Contact to oneself, to space and time and, because usually we don`t dance by ourselves, to other people.


The root of life is never stopping change, transformation which already starts long before given birth.


How is it possible to live this moment…one moment out of a million at the same time?

More than 20 years I am teaching Free Dance.




an invitation to admit again and again


to discover and activate movement

to explore and experience space and time

to feel the own rhythm

to perceive other rhythms

to realize emerging and existing emotions

to find form

to contact


and to share those moments.


I will always search for not to harden.