Back to Russia


Performance with music, voice and dance


It happened that we met him in the Metro. He had a sign around his neck with the words Back to Russia and was collecting money. Nobody gave him a coin. As she wanted to give him some money he looked at her with the warmest smile and said: No, not from you.  


On base of this true story this is the first collaboration between Eugenie Kuffler, Paris, and Hilla Steinert, Berlin, who follow the path with sound and movement.


Hilla Steinert *1960, German Artist based in BerlinComing from dance  performance is an expansion of her artistic work. She is  crossing boundaries,  diving into and working with what ever there is.


Eugenie Kuffler *1949 was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and moved to Paris, France in 1967. She plays the piccolo, the flute, the saxophone tenor, sings and moves, She improvises, composes and writes texts and often combines these activities in solo music-theater pieces. This will her first time in Berlin. Very exciting!



Acud Theater 

Veteranenstr. 21

10119 Berlin



7.11.2021 6 pm


No pre-registration, when the house is full, the doors are closed. Admission from 5:30pm.

Contributions appriciated!!!