Move your Pause





K77 Studio

Kastanienallee 77

10435 Berlin


What is my aim?


I want to create a space of experience in which we can pause together, independent of dance experience and free of the compulsion to have to do something, because:


"Nothing moves us forward on our journey better than a pause"

Elizabeth Barrett-Browning


I have found that we have different ideas of what our individual PAUSE looks like. On top of that, it depends on the day. So we need to manoeuvre ourselves into a state of LISTENING that allows us to follow our impulses. What happens then is open.


What does the temporal PAUSE sequence look like?


- it starts with a short guided warm up to arrive and wind down, to which all present are invited. But you can also arrive on your own

-  after individual MOVED PAUSE. Nothing is obligatory, everything is possible

- feedback round and exchange of ideas


How do you move your PAUSE?


Rules and suggestions, especially if you don't take part in the warm up:

- take off your shoes before entering the studio

- enter the room quietly

- find a place and lie down

- wait until you feel a movement impulse

- don't want anything!!!

- do not expect anything!!!

- do not disturb anyone!

- you can move or rest

- find out what the PAUSE is for you

- no talking, no mobile phones or computers, no music


Who is the MOVED PAUSE for?


Everyone who feels addressed by this is invited.


PAUSES do not cost anything, but we are happy about a donation for the studio.


I don't know where the journey is going yet. And that's what's so exciting about it. A start has been made and:


"Wander while you stay"

Peter Hille