Kunstverein Goettingen

Jeremiah Day / Dunja Herzog / Hilla Steinert


Performance So 07.10.2018, Altes Rathaus


Kunstverein Göttingen presents the first collaborative performance by Jeremiah Day, Dunja Herzog, and Hilla Steinert. The work of Dunja Herzog presented in the exhibition Drift and Shift at Kunstverein Göttingen is rich in its subtext, layered meanings and historically specific references to the economic and political connections between Europe and Africa. In parallel to realizing a body of work for the exhibition, Herzog joined Jeremiah Day's weekly improvisation sessions in Berlin. Working with Day as well as long-time Berlin performance artist Hilla Steinert she developed a new performative component in the frame of her artistic vocabulary. All three will bring together elements of her investigation in a performance taking place at Altes Rathaus in Göttingen.The performance accompanies the exhibition Drift and Shift with works by Dunja Herzog and Ayami Awazuhara, running from 2 September to 28 October at Altes Rathaus. Opening hours: Tuesday–Sunday, 11:00–17:00  


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