Performance in Zusammenarbeit mit Sandra Senn




What we always wanted to do, but never did, maybe because we prevented ourselves….


As it so happened... a shimmering memory referencing the future.


Wishes become the source, the power and the refuge.

They are the coloring the monotony, the glimmer in the dark, the destination in the nevermind.


The performance:


Two women take a bath in open space. The audience is invited to write their wishes on scraps of paper and to pass these onto the bathing. The women transform the wishes in huge bubbles and send them to the sky.


The idea of the performance is to create an active image for all our dreams and wishes, developed from life’s circumstances, and make these visible.


Dreams and wishes give us



With our thoughts we can be free. Freedom of thought creates a sustainable power. Within fantasy the power of the creative process builds our lives. In dreams begin reality.


This work cycles around individual connections: by an individual’s introspection, by the performer’s suggestion to think about one’s wishes, and by the idea to fulfill individual wishes through transformative action.


The remaining soaked paper is pressed into balls and is to be used in later creative work.


2008, Hermannplatz, Berlin, Germany