Back to Russia


Performance with music, voice and dance


It happened that we met him in the Metro. He had a sign around his neck with the words Back to Russia and was collecting money. Nobody gave him a coin. As she wanted to give him some money he looked at her with the warmest smile and said: No, not from you.  


Journeys take place in the present. They begin in the past and move into the future. The motivations are as different as the encounters on the journey are predictable.


Thanks to the man in the metro who initiated this journey. I wonder what happened to him? And to Eugenie Kuffler and the Acud Theater, who made it possible. Thanks also to all the helping hands who showed up at the right time.


Idea and concept: Eugenie Kuffler & Hilla Steinert

Dance: Hilla Steinert and Eugenie Kuffler

Music (saxophone, flute and piccolo): Eugenie Kuffler

Special sounds: Hilla Steinert

Stage design: Hilla Steinert

Light: Andreas Müller


7.11.2021 Acud Theater, Berlin, Germany