Sitting Madonnaz



The goal of the performance is to commemorate presence,

to set up a place for physical and mental awareness

as an invitation to cherish and conjoin.


Three women install a site in a public space.

They let themselves be inspired

by the sight of the environment,

the circumstances of the cause,

the current of time,

their own inner being

and by the image of the Madonna

as the most revered woman in western culture.


"The Madonna transforms misery.

She sees the pain and carries hope.

She prevails everywhere.

The invisible thread between life and death,

of faith, love and hope.

A vision of gratitude."


The performance is ceremony.

The space itself is in preparation.

The women adorn themselves.


Then they enter

the location of the performance

and settle down.

They are simply there.

One can gaze at them,

individually or together.

A living image

bewildering through its silence.


The action is peaceful.

Just gestures,

offering drinks or fruits,

a chance to meet.


Sometimes they dance.


They touch and open space for your own vision.


with Karin Preisser and Angelika Schedler


1998, first celebration, Berlin, Germany