The stuffed root

Passing time makes an impression on the given moment

which gets recorded and bound to the change of state.



I proceed from the assumption that everything we do, think or feel leaves some sort of a impression. The revelation and the connected consciousness the impression have different qualities.


Things change. We change them by taking them apart and arranging them anew.


Substance is changing, being part of the eternal cycle of renewal and new ordering.


Our feeling, thinking and doing is embedded in the current of time.


The rhizome is the base of the root, where nutrients get stored. It is the starting point for new growth.


In the performance I am playing with these thoughts:


I am cutting up the dress I am wearing, piece by piece, producing a strip, from which I crochet a square right away.

The audience is invited to make a print with provided colors, paintbrushes and rolls on a piece of material. Either from a part of their body or from something in the surrounding environment.

These prints get worked into the square. Something new arises.

The audience becomes witness of the transformation.

And one is, as they wish, actively involved.


Everything is connected.


2009, Gallery Ortart, Nürnberg, Germany