Sole e amore



Naples, my already dead friend, the artist Angelika Ducamin and I, in the very deep south of Italy.

We were young. It was hot. We were talking about art all the time. Something we had seen, something we had done or one of our friends, about the possibilities to do something.

We dived into the exciting life of this lively city full of contradictions.

As single traveling young women we had the standing of something extraordinary. And of course, there were masses of men around us who wanted, above all, one thing: love, a fast adventure or, if not that, at least to play with it.


The performance:


Starting material was what was there in over-abundance:

Sunshine, love and evident desire.

We hang up a sheet and wore costumes that we made from what we found in the place: old car tires and black petticoats.

Then we undressed, painted ourselves with the colors of the sun, yellow and orange, and then printed our asses on the sheet.


with Angelika Ducamin (✝1991)


1987, Naples, Italy