Wild Pass







what do we take with us



The performance:


A landscape gets spread out. Space is changing. Different things happen simultaneously.

Small islands of things and action spaces get installed and initiated, which cause the audience to move. Either because they are inside the action space or because they become curious and want to see closer what is happening or they are direct receivers of wishes.

Through this landscape leads the way. It is characterized from the effort of overcoming. And it evokes wishes.

The directed wishes challenge the audience and open to active participation.


It is a performance about the unforeseen and the irresistibility of time.


Life is opposed to death. Always.

Nature is opposed to activity of mankind.

Where begins nature and where does it end?


Life is a complex matter and happens on many different levels: the real one, which defines the framing conditions and those, which (have to) relate in one way or another.


The developing history of mankind bases on this system.

We tend to take the momental reality for absolute.

But once you look more close you will notice that there is none as an ever lasting  state.

We measure changes according to our life time and its standard.

Everything is in relation to our personal experiencing and sensing.


We get overwhelmed from informations and images. We know about wars, exploitation, corruption and abuse of power. We know about the change of climate, which changes Lebensraum and circumstances.


We put up with that the world is like that.

We are culprits and we are victims.

We simply are.


But what do we know about us?

What strategies and possibilities of dealing do we have?

How does our life look like?

Where do we take the strength and courage to live from?


Questions filter out of the complexity and crystal as wishes.

The sum of the wishes of each single person becomes collective.

It is all about trust:

- the wish for touch

- the wish for common ground

- the wish for being hold and carried

- the wish for getting rid of responsibility


2011, Berlin, Germany