Message for you



What do we know from each other?

What do we want the other knows?

How do we impart?


The performance:


We meet August 23rd at 7pm under the subway in the Schoenhauser Allee in Berlin which is above at that place.

Each of us has a message for the other one, who does not know what the other one will impart.


A table, two chairs, bread, water and polish snag. He folds himself laughing into my hand. Black pearls clack quietly on white porcelain. All has its place. The suitcase and also the red stripe. Always he holds and is held. I hear him calling. I hear him singing. Bright white shirts line the street.  


How are you?

I am fine.


Look, the shoes. How much life, how much joy, how much pain? The shoes and also your laughter, a pillow of flour and a brambly bouquet blow with me in the evening light. White line, ending in a circle. Breaking the blossoms. Blue shadow and a sound, becoming stronger as it comes out.


by Antoni Karwowski and Hilla Steinert


Photos: Uwe Arens


2012, Berlin, Germany