The dream is to fly




We enter life.

We depart life.

In between we live.


Everything is moving. Always. There is no movement without counter-movement. Anytime we move something else starts to move. Or we get moved through something else. Or something is moving inside of us. Our heart beats. It contracts and relaxes. Blood gets pumped through our veins, oxygen is transported. Air gets moved in our lungs. Or is it air that moves our lungs? The chest lifts and sinks. Perceivable. Visible. Without movement we are dead.



Nothing moves.

We don`t go anywhere and nobody moves towards us.


Calm is another quality of movement.


Suddenly I see a girl hopping over the street.

I forgot how it is to follow a movement absent-minded.

Without thinking about the action.

This memory remains.


The girl revived it.


Everything is connected and depends one another.

Each movement we make creates a new one.


In the performance THE DREAM IS TO FLY I rely on these conditions.


The performance:


Two people play with a huge ball made of red satin fabric. The cloth unravels.   What is seen as  limitation on the one side opens space on the other. Connections become visible. The possibilities of acting emerge from the game.

Lyrics are spoken simultaneously. Thoughts, fragments, spread out, lightened from all directions. Passing over in free associations they correspond with the visible course.

The space gets taken up, penetrated. Nothing remains as it was. Everything is moving, in constant change.


with Akemi Nagao, Carolin Fürst und Christina Kyriazidi


2010, Plot in Situ, International Festival of Live Art, Berlin, Germany