Self Questioning



A whole evening long Harri Schemm and I celebrate performances. Pleasure orientated and deep profound we pay homage to the absurdness of life.



The Chinese grass dance:


Harri is playing his ukulele and improvises a song about his neighbors.

I let my arms independently dance, each one in its own rhythm. I am wearing a wig of grass.


Glowing pimple:


I am holding a sour cucumber (the name for that in German is Pickel, what means pimple) between a barbecue fork. Both of the ends of the cucumber get linked up to the cable network. Harri drives electricity through the cucumber which starts glowing red.


Love Song:


A discharged inner tube, a compressor.

Harri and I put up helmets and boots.

We put on the compressor and step into the tube.

We have to hold tied to each other for balancing the space.

The tube swells up.

With the audience is a long stick with a knife bound on one edge. With that they have the possibility , if they can`t stand the pressure any more or if they have the impression, that it becomes too dangerous, to let burst the tube.


Harri blows Hilla, Hilla blows Harri:


(to understand this performance according to the title you need to know that in German to blow somebody means a sexual practice)


A table, a microfone, a pair of scissors.

We push, sit or lay each other alternate in position for to cut holes in each others cloth. We press our lips on the free skin and blow on it for all one is worth. Lustful awe intonate from gentle murmuring to explosive rattling.


Nonverbal communication.


with Harri Schemm


1999, Kunstraum Offenbach, Germany