The Risk of entering the Unknown



Galleries are more likely to show complete artwork, be it in paintings, sculptures or performance pieces.Each finished work has an underlying process, spanning from the initial idea to its fruition. This process is part of the quality of the shown work. In a painting this quality may successfully evoke emotions in the viewer; often it is not clear how the shift from fruition has come about. Performance art has more tools at its disposal to hold on to this transformation, to make it visible and experiential. And so the process of performance echoes the process of painting. 


Vossgatter`s and Steinert`s collaborative act is a result of 6-year discussion about connection, overlaps and common ground. between visual and performance art. 


The underlying thought of this continuous work is to open the process of `art doing`  per example. Hilla Steinert works with what is present. Whoever visits the gallery durig Vossgatter`s exhibition "In the end, we`re all to blame" sees the next step or performance created from the remains of what was left behind.


2015, Commune 1, Cape Town, South Africa