There is always an outside.

There is always an inside.

Sometimes it is the same.


The performance:


Im spinning continuous around myself in front of a video projection of the same length. I am wearing headphones and listen to music only I can hear.

In the beginning of the projection you also see me, sitting on a chair, looking out of the window. In long sequences the view gets led out of the window and disbands in the endlessness of the horizon. In the video alternate original sounds with silence.

Who wants to know what I am listening to can do that with a separate headphone. 


The performance plays with the synchronism of inner and outer spaces. There is the real space, with a real body. And there is the same body, but in another room, at another time, with another action.

An overlapping takes place in the installation of video projection and body, which later both dissolves in movement, which leads out of the original room, where the body itself was the entrance.

Different realities melt to a new one by experiencing the performance. 


2012, Gallery Ortart, Nuernberg, Germany