The performance is a juxtaposition of the archaic and new media  present.

Both happens through body movement.




The archaic is slow. It grows and develops ritually and steady. The roots are ground deep.


The braiding of grass becomes ritual action and symbolizes the process of genesis as well as the never ending renewing.


Everything is connected. The braided grass got woven into a dress.


The dress doesn`t stop expanding and grows at every location where it is performed, but still keeps its roots.


In that dress meet patterns of past, present and a glimpse to the future.


The performance:


I am braiding grass that was previously harvested on site.

The movement is slow, meditative and repetitive.

At the same time a video is projected.

There you see me dancing in different places.


By the selection of the places I follow my inner landscape. Private and public places get interweaved through the act of dancing.


They stand for the feelings, hopes, desires and fears.




The film is a high speed montage, which leads the viewer from one place to another, lets them trace the connections; a movement, a detail, a color, a characteristic.


Each segment opens the door to the next.


2004 Galerie Wildwechsel, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

2004 Kulturforum Potsdam, Germany

2005 Kunstbad Keitum, Sylt, Germany

2007 Heilandskirche Berlin, Germany

2008 Magistrale, Berlin, Germany

2009 Detourment Venice, Bienale Venedig, Italy