Hearing grass growing



Christiane Hommelsheim (Voice), Hilla Steinert (Performance)


"It deserves less sleep as a bird and sees at night and day hundred acres wide; he also hears the grass growing in the earth and the wool out of the sheep, therefor also everything what gives a stronger sound."

(free translated from Karl Shimrock "Die Edda über den Gott Heimdall", 1851)


Everything growing makes a sound, often inaudibly for the human ear. Also growing is a movement. Hearing grass growing stands for having a sixth sense.


Christiane Hommelsheim and Hilla Steinert are giving their senses form and sound. In their performance they let grass and sounds grow. They bring it into a composition where the past has its place as well as the present. One gets woven and braided with the other.


2014, Ankunft: Neue Musik, Hauptbahnhof - Berlin, Germany