We called ourselves ABER HALLO ("But, Hello") and had dedicated ourselves to experimental dance.

Looking for common ground we got hooked on the question:


What do we know? What can we do?


This became our theme.

We were looking for something we could do.

Each of us, personally.


The first question brought up other questions:

Does doing something mean to master it?

What does it mean that you master something?

How important is it that you can master something?

What is more important: to do or to master?


This question came about so naturally, that we decided to do nothing else, except what we uncovered from the question.


The performance:


Julia and I were dancing on the table.

Eva was screaming.

Dagmar was  riding inline skates.

Because Dagmar could not be with us on the evening of the performance we documented what she could do on video, which was part of the installation, and showed her skates.

Everything happened simultaneously on a stage of four square meters, which we had brought with us and erected.

The whole action only lasted four minutes, which was as long as the song we were dancing to.


with Dagmar, Eva und Julia


1990, Berlin, Germany