I am living.


spaces, I am moving in.

inner and outer space.


sensing, thinking, doing


Those days remain when I have the feeling of falling backwards.

And open are all ways.



The performance:


An empty space is projected into a real empty space.

In each room you can see a red ball, made out of red satin fabric.

The spaces mix.

Projection of the past and the reality become one.

I enter the room. I lift the ball and start slowly unravelling the ball. The ball becomes smaller and a mountain of red fabric arises and becomes bigger. That takes about 30 minutes. After the ball is gone I start rolling it up again. The mountain becomes smaller.

After about 10 minutes you can see in the projection of the video how I enter the space. Also here I lift up the ball and starts unravelling it.

But something is different. First it is just a little irritation of the movement. It becomes clear when you see me rolling up the ball: the video goes backwards.

You see me twice in space. But neither the space nor the time are the same.

You see me at the same time doing the same action. In reality they are different.

You see me at the same time performing contrasting actions, but they are the same.

Past and present connected through the same continuing action.

I am leaving the space. The projection, the document of the past goes on.

The whole time through you hear the sounds of a construction zone.


2010, Begehungen, Art Festival, Chemnitz, Germany