Fare Share Aktion

Action for International Women's Day on March 8, 2021


Conception of the performance: Verena Kyselka

Choreography / Realization: Hilla Steinert


For International Women's Day on March 8, 2021, the fair share! action for more visibility for women artists took place at the Kulturforum in Berlin. In the back of the Gemäldegalerie, with a view of the construction site for the planned Museum der Moderne, and to the right of the Neue Nationalgalerie, which is about to reopen after a long renovation phase, 7 x 7 women artists formed themselves into a performance. They inscribed the granite slabs with the names of women artists from all centuries up to the present day, thus occupying the site. At the same time, more than 500 women artists' names from all eras were read out. The performance was flanked by banners that focused on current grievances with figures and graphics.fair share!visibility for women artists Translated with (free version)


fair share!

visibility for women artists


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