Am Ende von uns // ein Parcours

AM ENDE VON UNS // a Parcours


Premiere on 19. August 2021 in Theater im Delphi Berlin


What was in the beginning and what will have been in the end? Pride, lust, anger, greed, gluttony, envy, sloth. Passions. Desires. Life.


The seven deadly sins lay the hand on the wounds of our humanity with all the advantages and disadvantages of our sensibilities and character traits. Seven offenses, seven bad character traits, which the Catholic Catechism considers the worst, the sins that cannot be forgiven. At the same time, they make a person human. They push and drive us forward. They create markets, ignite the dynamics of progress, shape social, economic and technological networks.


The tour through the Theater im Delphi leads past seven stations of life and suffering, inhabited by actors, dancers, puppeteers and an opera singer. With their longings and desires they sound out what it means to be human and what the old biblical catchwords still mean for us today. Are we not confronted daily with sins such as envy and greed? Together we enter the garden of voices and the echo of what we were may still be heard.


An evening between beginning and end, between prohibition and renunciation. A collective swan song that celebrates life before the nothingness that will be then, at the end of us.


From and with: Meier Eden, Marie Feldt, Iduna Hegen, Christina Hilkens, Mehdi Moinzadeh, Jeongree Park, Melissa Anna Schmidt, Ahmed Soura, Hilla Steinert, Nolundi Tschudi

Conzept & direction: Johanna Hasse

Conzept & text: Katharina Schlender

Space & costumes: Ute Lindenbeck

Sounddesign & live musik: Friedemann Bochow, Jörg Wilkendorf

Technical management: Jens Baudisch

Light: Thomas Schick

Production management: Eva-Karen Tittmann


Theater im Delphi

Gustav-Adolf-Str. 2

13086 Berlin