The Others



From June 21st -27th the artist Simona Koch and I stayed in the heart of the little village Preuntsfelden in two of the urban housings of Winfried Baumann


For 7 days we did do research on our presence in that village.


Our questions are:

What are villages and how do they work?

What keeps the community together and what does it need?

How do villages survive as symbiotic communities in a more and more centralized and technologized world?


For a short time we slipped into the roles of the others, the roles of new nomads who enter into another world to go about these questions.


Ideas and thoughts coming up in that time, also already before, were transferred in artistic actions and installations and got documented.  


We were looking forward conversations and encounters.

Everybody was invited to visit us.


You can watch the documentary on our blog:


2013, Preuntsfelden-Windelsbach, Kr. Ansbach, Germany