Dress for eternity



Sustainability is actually a very old word. However, the word was out of use for so long that it was not listed in the 1975 edition of Kluge's etymological dictionary. At the moment, sustainability is undergoing a renaissance. Being sustainable is considered a desirable thing. If something is sustainable then it is considered to be good. Sustainability places importance on the conservation of resources and thus the environment. It expresses our wish that everything should exist for a long time. It is an appeal to use, as sparingly as possible, what is already available.  

One of the most enduring phenomena of our time, that I know of, is plastic packaging. It is so persistent that we will not get rid of its waste in our life time.

One meets plastic everywhere: new, used and recycled. It is carelessly discarded and left to occupy like grass hidden corners. 


Grass is also persistent. It is simply there, pushing up again and again, forcing itself to the surface. 
One can not forget to think about its part in Nature and therefore Life.


Where does Nature start and where does it end?


Years ago I harvested grass and used it to make a dress. An archaic model was developed in a slow process.


Now I reap plastic. It grows on the tree outside my house, it flys through the streets on windy days, it piles up in the rubbish bins of supermarkets and in every conceivable cranny on this planet.


The achievements of plastic have its own aesthetic in infinite forms.


A dress made from freshly harvested and prepared plastic waste: long live the perfect outfit to PACKET  - SOUP!


March 2012


2012, Packet-Soup, SAVVY- Contemporary, Berlin, Germany