Surface surfing



transports feelings on the surface.


They make shadows, leave sounds and let suspect the space behind the visible.


The performance:


A wall out of white paper separates action and audience space.


The room is in a cellar, which is starting point and source of inspiration for the performance SURFACE SURFING.


A cellar is a closed space underneath the earth. Most of the time it is without windows, just poorly lightened. A metaphoric appropriation of our emotional life.


The action happens totally behind the paper wall.

Light causes images, shadows on the wall.

Real contours dissolve themselves. The shadow, an invitation to follow the own associations.

The images are accompanied from sounds: scratching of finger nails on metal, chestnuts, thrown into a cardboard, rubbing of cardboard on carpet, sound of water filled into a vessel.

The performance ends with the decreasing clattering of something strong, swung in a huge metal pot.

The light goes out.

The space becomes one again.


What stays are the memories.



with Betty Stürmer


1998, Gefühlskompressor I, Berlin, Germany