Earth apple



2007 Harri Schemm and I were going to the Dokumenta in Kassel to perform ERDAEPFEL.


We were inspired by Joe Zawinul's song Erdäepfee, which he sang in his original  Austrian dialect.

He sings about the potato.

It becomes a symbol of love and the greatness of simplicity.

It is a song about the essence of life.


The performance:


On the edge of a park, right next to a street, we set up a stove and boil potatoes.

Cooking (potatoes) needs time.

During this time we enjoyed each other's company, we were talking and we were silent. We were busy with the potatoes and were waiting for them to be done. We had fun. It was beautiful to be in the open air. We were looking forward to eating the first potato. How delicious to let butter melt on the potato and then let it dissolve in the mouth!!!

We were sharing our joy with everybody who passed by.


The essence is everywhere.


with Harri Schemm


2007, Dokumenta, Kassel, Germany